[NEW WIDGET]: Say Hello to Store Locator! 🚀

Check out our brand-new Store Locator widget!

How about a brand-new widget, guys? :fire:

We’re happy to introduce the Store Locator widget — a super easy and stylish way to showcase your locations along with the business information!

Store Locator: What is it?

Store Locator is designed to seamlessly integrate with your website, allowing your customers to easily find your store locations on a map.

This is just a perfect tool to enhance customer loyalty and drive more foot traffic to your physical store!

Feel free to give it a spin through an interactive online demo :wink:

The list of key features

  • Bulk import of locations from CSV.

  • Showcase location contact info (address, website, email, phone, business hours).

  • Export locations data as CSV file.

  • Page-speed friendly lazy loading

  • Multiple customization options to adjust the look and feel.

  • Custom CSS Editor.

  • Custom JS Editor.

Guys, have you tried out our new widget yet? Share your likes, dislikes, and any suggestions in the comments below!

It’s your feedback that helps us keep up the great work, so don’t shy away from sharing your thoughts :rocket:


This looks really sweet!


Happy to hear that, Hugh, many thanks! Are you going to give this widget a go? :slight_smile:


I’m not sure. We typically serve clients with only one location, so I’m not sure how needed it will be for us. But I can see it would be very handy for folks with multiple locations.


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Love it. LOADS of options too. Going to trial it now today.


We’re absolutely happy to hear that, @TradePrintingUK, thanks a lot!

Will share your feedback here once you’ve tested the widget? :slight_smile:

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It’s very customisable. I really like it.

However, I would like to be able to control the Stadia Maps part of it a little more as far as centering and more finesse with the Settings > Map Settings > Map Center (I couldn’t figure out what Auto / Custom actually does or the fine-grained responses potentially possible with it? I didn’t honestly see much difference). To me, the map is too big, or off-set incorrectly - https://tradeprintinguk.com/contact-us.html

The Map Zoom 0 - 20 doesn’t really correlate to what happens on screen, or have a relevancy. Percentage of Table Width / Height would be a better scale with modern Responsive to my mind.


Hi @TradePrintingUK :wave:

I’ve checked your widget and the Map Center option is working fine. I’ve recorded a screencast to show the difference when using the custom addresses for map centering:

As for the Zoom option, I am afraid I didn’t quite understand your idea. Could you please elaborate on it? A screenshot or a screencast of what you mean would much helpful :pray:

Nice plugin.

How pins can we put?
Is there a search bar for a map with over 500 pins?


Hi there @Philippe_Perruchot :wave:

Thank you for the feedback!

If I understood you correctly, you wanted to know the number of locations that can be added to the widget. You can add up to 1000 location to our Store Locator app.

As for the Search option, unfortunately, this option isn’t available yet. However, that this feature is crucial, especially when having a lot of locations and we already have such a request in the Wishlist. You can vote for this feature to not miss any important updates - Search option

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