NEW WIDGET: Harness powers with Business Hours

Folks, the solution to all your business conversation woes is finally here!

Introducing the Elfsight Business Hours widget β€” a step into a world of seamless communication :tada:

Business Hours: What is it?

Business Hours is an app that displays the working hours of your business on your website, allowing customers to easily see when they can reach you for any purpose – customer service, retail store timings, or other business activities.

With this clear, easy-to-find information, you can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and reduce the number of inquiries about basic details.

Experience the potential of our widget through an interactive online demo! :raised_hands:

The list of key features

  • easy schedule setup

  • special days configuration

  • convenient contact information in one card

  • CTA buttons to enhance engagement and conversion

  • hassle-free design customization

  • and so much more!

So, what are your thoughts on our new widget? Don’t hold back from sharing your feedback in the comments below :wink:

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