NEW WIDGET: Enhance your business reputation with LinkedIn Recommendations

Hey LinkedIn fans, the big reveal is here :boom:

Introducing our brand new LinkedIn Recommendations app – a simple way to showcase your professional reputation with customer recommendations!

LinkedIn Recommendations: What is it?

LinkedIn Recommendations app is your key to building trust and credibility on your website. With this app, you can manually add your customer testimonials, backed by LinkedIn verification, and personalize them with your own unique branding touch :magic_wand:

Try out the widget firsthand through our interactive online demo!

The list of key features

  • full control over the testimonials feed;

  • 5 layout options;

  • responsive design for all screen sizes;

  • multiple customization options to create your own unique style;

  • and more!

Have you had a chance to explore LinkedIn Recommendations? What’s your take on it so far? Share your insights in the comments below :slightly_smiling_face: