My ‘23 Elfsight review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/4

How long have you been using Elfsight?
Hi, I’ve been using Elfsight since summer 2021.

What do you like best?
I appreciate the app’s myriad of features, including banners, audio, and other widgets, at a price that works with my budget. This app works as hard as the effort i put into keeping my site running.
I don’t contact customer service that often, but they always respond courteously and promptly when I do.

What problems does Elfsight help you resolve? Elfsight helps reduce the overhead that many servers charge for features. I integrate my creative and light coding skill sets in Adobe Creative Suite and do a tiny bit of coding for my website. Elfsight handles the JavaScript functions that i don’t have enough time to learn to solve. I just copy their Javascript for my audio or visuals and integrate it into my website. I’m thankful someone recommended this app to me in 2021.

We are absolutely thrilled to have you on board! Welcome @J.E_BURTON1 :tada:

That’s amazing that you are a part of the Elfsight family since the summer of 2021!

Your kind words about our app’s features, customer support and prices really warm our hearts. A million thanks for your fantastic review :heart:

We’re here to make your Elfsight journey easier, so don’t hesitate to reach out if anything is needed.

Hi @J.E_BURTON1, thank you so much for your review, it’s awesome to hear that you’ve been using Elfsight for years already :slight_smile:

I see however that you’ve rated your experience with us at 4 stars. May I ask what kept you from giving us a full 5 stars? Your feedback will be super helpful! :slight_smile:

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Hi Helga,
The rating is 4 of 4 stars, not four out of five stars.

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Hi @J.E_BURTON1, my bad, misinterpreted that :slight_smile:

Thank you for calming me down, have a great day!