Modifying a watts app widget after installation

Being new I chose basic widgets colours and styles but would like to change the name on it to a generic one and I can’t see where I can modify the one I installed. Is this possible?

or do i have to redo and install again

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Hello and welcome to the forum! My apologies for this not quite prompt reply :frowning:

You’re most welcome to adjust your widget whenever you need, just go to your Elfsight account → choose the needed widget → apply the changes and press Save button.

You don’t need to reinstall the widget, as all the changes get applied to the widget on your website automatically as soon as you press Save button :slight_smile:

Just in case, here’s an article that might help you customize your Whatsapp Chat widget: Getting Started with WhatsApp Chat - Elfsight Help Center

If you have other questions, please do let me know!