Minimize Popup instead of closing it

Hi there,

I like your pop-up widget it is lacking one extremely important feature.

It won’t minimize/hide like your WhatsApp Pro widget that I’ve also installed and which is really good in its simplicity and functionality.

Your ‘Pop-Up’ widget simply disappears once clicked on the “Close” button/cross icon.

Would it be possible to customize it for me?
I don’t want it to appear every time regardless of the ‘Frequency’ options provided.

I just would like it to hide half seen for the customers to get it back when they so please.
Otherwise it is really irritating.

Thank you and hope you would have a solution for me.


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Hi friends,

We’re happy to say that Minimize Popup option out now! :tada:

This is where you can find this option:

  1. Go to your widget Layout tab
  2. Choose Reopen Button section
  3. Enable the button and customize the way you need

Feel free to test the widget out in our Popup online demo! (Popup - Add responsive Popup widget to your website (free and fast))

And don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comments :slightly_smiling_face: