'Meet Your Peers' Thread! [pets]

Long time no see, my friends :wave:

I have been ill for a while and missed Community so much :broken_heart:

While my wife was at work and I was lying on the sofa, my pets didn’t let me get bored and helped me to recover. I have a dog and a cat.

So, the question of this week:

Dogs :dog2: or cats :cat:? Why?

Feel free to share the photos of your pets :slightly_smiling_face:

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As for me, I prefer dogs.

All my life I have dreamt of having a Labrador, but I have a French Bulldog :upside_down_face:. He creates chaos and destroys absolutely everything, but I still love him. You can see his picture below (his name is Travis):

As for my cat, he is much better guy than the dog, but I still prefer dogs.


@Maksim what a lovely doggie!! :heart_eyes: maybe ‘lovely’ isn’t the most suitable adjective as he looks really brutal, but I just adore animals :slight_smile:

I used to think that I’m a dog person and I was also dreaming about Labrador or similar dog breeds, but now I’ve got a cat, and I love him to pieces :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

His name is Matros (can be translated as ‘sailor’). It seems I’m just a fluffy-pets person!


@Helga What a cute cat :heart_eyes:

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I love and appreciate all of God’s creatures! I do! I can’t even kill stink bugs! And I do think dogs are cool, but they scare me a little! I am for sure a cat person. I fully
admit, however, that “dogs have owners and cats have staff.” I am a mere employee of Miss Cindy Lou “Russia” Clifton-Kalchthaler. (But I do think she loves me)!

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You have an absolutely adorable pet :hugs:

As for the “dogs have owners and cats have staff", I totally agree with you :smile:

But cats are much less of a hassle than dogs, and it’s their advantage.