'Meet Your Peers' Thread! [job schedule]

Happy Thursday, folks!

It’s obvious that we have to juggle a whole host of things and duties on a daily basis. Hence, I’ve come up with the question:

Freelancing or a 9-to-5 job? What helps you strike a work-life balance better?

Feel free to post as much as you’d like! :dancer:t2:

As for me, being quite a conservative person, I’m happy with a standard 9-to-5 working day :slight_smile:

It helps me better plan my day since I’ve got fixed working hours, hence I know for sure what time I’m free. This regime also provides a sense of stability and security, which is highly beneficial for my mental health. Oh, and thanks to this I every day hang out with cool people :grin:

Of course there are certain disadvantages, such as early morning wake-ups, commuting to work, inflexibility, etc. but they still don’t outweigh the advantages.

Apparently, I don’t have any intention of changing anything here :slight_smile:

9 to 5 means stability but it also means you tend to operate within the walls, which will not let you peek at the ‘You’ when there is a sense of having all the time you have in the world and what is that you going to do?

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Yeaah, that’s a very good point!

On top of that, we cannot feel energy to be super productive in this particular time, hence sometimes, we don’t get the outcome we expected. But I’m happy that this is not what I have to deal with on a regular basis.

Perhaps the recipe is to find a job you love and occupy yourself with something you enjoy doing :slight_smile: