Maroon 5 loves Elfsight

Did you know what Mick Jagger and Maroon 5 have in common? It’s not just “moves like Jagger” – they both use our widgets on their websites :rocket:

Following the legendary Rolling Stones frontman, Maroon 5 just made their online presence even more engaging with our Instagram Feed app!

It’s not every day that a world-famous band integrates your app, and we’d like to share this experience with you here, presenting some customization details :star_struck:

Instagram Feed on homepage

With our app, Maroon 5 brings their Instagram highlights directly to their website, offering fans instant access to their latest posts and exclusive content.

Layout settings:

  • Layout: Grid

  • Columns Mode: Auto

  • Rows: 4

  • Gap: 10 px

  • Width: Auto

Any Maroon 5 fans among us here? Which of their tracks do you vibe with most?

And if you noted Elfsight widgets to be used somewhere famous, do tell us (@Helga or @Max)! We’ll be happy to include your finding in the list