Tinder loves Elfsight Instagram Feed

Where there is love there is Elfsight :heart:

We were really surprised to discover our widgets on Tinder. It’s a great feeling when you help people find their soulmate.

So, let’s dive into details of their use-case :male_detective:

Instagram Feed on Home Page

Tinder uses Elfsight Instagram Feed to share vivid moments of their team life:

Layout settings:

  • Layout: Slider

  • Columns: 4

  • Rows: 1

  • Gap: 16px

  • Width: Auto

If you have any comments to share — you are welcome to do so below this post! :slightly_smiling_face:

And if you noted Elfsight widgets to be used somewhere famous, do tell us (@Helga or @Max)! We’ll be happy to include your finding in the list :wink:

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