Manual moderation or curation of TikTok feed on website

I want to be able to select which TikTok videos, from the videos that are collected via their hashtags, actually display on my website. There are some videos that are negative, copyrighted or use language that’s not in line with my brand image that I would like to be able to manually exclude. There are also some videos that can’t be collected by the hashtag, that I would like to be able to manually add.

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You can use different filters to display or exclude specific videos in TikTok Feed:



Please check it out and let me know if it helped.

If you still face any difficulties, please specify what posts you’d like to include/exclude and I’ll be happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Max! This is super helpful!

I have the same question; however, I’m not looking for only the ability to “pre-filter”. I want my team to be able to “manually” moderate content as well. Inappropriate brand use appearing on our Web sites is a major legal concern. I’m assuming that Elfsight does NOT offer this capability. Can you verify?

Hi @Joseph_Morris :wave:

I am afraid i didn’t quite understand your use case. Could you please elaborate on it and specify why filter options don’t meet your needs?