Making it possible for google tag manager to check if the form has been submitted succesfully

Currently I am only able to track clicks on the form but the built-in function of the tag manager can not check if the form has been sent succesfully.

I do not know how the technical side works but either make it work that the tag manager receives the neccessary information or implement some kind of api-connection so that after each successful submission of the form the information is sent to a specific conversion id within a specific ad account.

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Thanks a lot for submitting your idea!

This is a smart one and it would definitely be useful to have it in the widget. We’ll try our best to check our options and consider it for our future updates.

Thank you for your help!

so is it there?

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Hi @C_G and welcome to the Community :wave:

Great news, our devs found the solution!

To check if the form has been successfully submitted, you need to follow these steps

  1. Install GTM on your website

  2. Install the widget on your website

  3. Add this code to the Custom JS field on the Settings tab of your widget’s settings

widget.on("submit", () => {
  dataLayer?.push({'event': 'elfsight-form-submit'});
  1. In GTM, you should create a Custom Event trigger

Now, after the form is submitted, the trigger should get activated.

Please check it out and let me know if it worked for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max,

Thanks for your reply. I’d love to add this code to my website, but since I’m using Strikingly as a platform, I don’t have a settings option. To add the form to my website, I’m using the following code:

Can you tell me how to add the datalayer event to my code? Or perhaps refer me to someplace with more info.

Kind ragards
Cyriel and Mark (cc).

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Cyriel Gaemers
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Hi @C_G :wave:

Sorry for being not clear enough! You need to add this code to your widget’s settings.

Just open your widget editor, go to the Settings tab and add this code to the Custom JS field:


Check it out and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max,

Great prompt response, thank you.

@Mark van Dorresteijn i’ve uploaded this code:

widget.on(“submit”, () => {
dataLayer?.push({‘event’: ‘elfsight-form-submit’});

On to the elf sight widget (form builder). See screenshot.

@max we did saw that our data of the submit button worked untill the 2nd day of christmas. I bet you guys changed the backend since then?

For now i hope this works. Maybe a dummy question but can we regenerate this data from christmas untill now? So i have a full set of no missing data?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Cyriel Gaemers
Carburateur Service Nederland
Floralialaan 66, 1402NM, Bussum

@C_G I am really sorry about this issue!

I see that my colleague Ksenia has already forwarded your request regarding the missing submissions starting from January 10 to our devs. I’ve shared the additional info to Ksenia as well.

She’ll keep you updated.