Make the phone number field type check for a phone number

Currently the phone number data type field works exactly like a short text field. If you are going to have a phone number data type field, you should at least check that it has at least 7 digits and no alpha.

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Hi Kallen,

Thanks for adding your idea!

It does sound reasonable and I agree that it’s quite important to check for phone numbers. We’ll be happy to consider this option for future updates.

Thanks a lot for helping us :slight_smile:

Helga, Community Manager

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Hello folks,

I’m coming with a little update for you :slight_smile:

At the moment, we allow only numbers and a couple of valid symbols. We don’t validate the length as there are different phone formats which we have to bear in mind.

However, we’re planning to implement a more complex validation in the future.

Helga, Community Manager

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I would think you should at least not allow input to be valid of less than 7 characters.

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Thank you for the note, Hugh!

The devs promised to take it under consideration :slight_smile: