Make the entire pricing table column clickable (not just the button)

Feature request for Pricing Table:

Please ask your developers to add the function to have the entire pricing table column to be clickable and go to a link (same as the button).

This is an absolute must feature to have, as many people don’t click on the button of the pricing table, they click on the entire column.

Not having this function makes me lose a lot of money.

If you use heatmats to see where people click on your site, you’ll see that tons oof people lick anywhere on the pricing table column, not just on the button itself.

Can this be integrated, and if yes, when?

Let me know thanks

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Original comment from Mike Bringas transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

Hello Mike,

Thanks a lot for your comment and for your suggestion!

Absolutely, since the fields in the widget support HTML, you’re very welcome to customize the links via as a workaround.