Mailerlite intergration

Can we have mailerlite integration please

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Hey there @Mark_Smith :wave:

I see that Mailerlite integration would be very helpful and convenient. We’ll try to take your suggestion under consideration. I’ll be posting here in case of any news.

Thank you for your help and yes, welcome to Community :wink:

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Hi Max,

Any updates on a MailerLite integration?

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Hi @Rhodesia_Parrish :wave:

Much as I’d love to share an update, unfortunately we haven’t got any news regarding MailerLite integration. I am really sorry!

You see, since we get a lot of requests and the process of adding new integrations is not easy, we have to be picky and choose the most popular requests first. If this request gains more votes, we’ll try to speed up this process.

I’ll keep you informed about any changes :slightly_smiling_face:

As a workaround, you can use Zapier integration where 5000+ services are available (including MailerLite).

Here is an article explaining how to integrate your Form widget with Zapier - How to integrate your Form widget with Zapier - Elfsight Help Center.