Logo Showcase widget is no longer showing on our homepage

I have already requested support directly for this, but received no response yet.

The issue is on any browser/device. The preview shows fine, but nothing appears on our website homepage. It was displaying fine previously, then suddenly it no longer displays even though I haven’t changed anything.

I also have the number counter widget on the page, and that still displays correctly, so I doubt it is the Javascript that is the issue.

Any help would be much appreciate as we’re supposed to launch the website on Monday, and I don’t yet know if I can depend on your widgets displaying reliably.

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Hello @user611 :wave:

I am deeply sorry that you’ve faced issues using our app! Please accept my sincere apologies!

I have forwarded your request to our developers, and hopefully, they will come up with a solution very soon, I’ll keep you updated.

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Hi, it’s been a week now. Is there any update from your developers?

I’ve had to remove the widget from our homepage for now, so I’m keen to resolve this as soon as possible.


Hello @user661!

Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

The issue appeared to be quite complicated and I’ve contacted you at licens@ergonomic.solutions in a support ticket 310517 on Sep 12.

Could you please check your mailbox and answer me in the support ticket?


Hi Maksim, I’ve seen your message. I’ll arrange for your request to be actioned and send you the details.

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Thank you, @user611, looking forward to ironing things out for you there!