Inventory manager that allows quick adding and removing of inventory

This would be a type of widget that could sync with outside data such as a google sheet or doc, or it could somehow be easily managed by adding and removing inventory and details about each item. Examples of inventory would include: cars for dealerships, atvs, campers, used appliances, etc. It would be a type of e commerce widget like a shop, but would be geared towards specific inventory that changes such as a 2010 Toyota corolla with 110k miles, or a hand-made wooden swing that’s made out of cedar. The reason why most widgets and e-commerce shops don’t work with larger and more specific inventory management is that there are not multiple items of one kind available like a boutique shop that sells a tiara in three different colors for a set price. This widget would be one specific piece of inventory that there is one of that is either available or not, such as a trailer, or a boat, or a piece of furniture., and antique china set, any type of inventory.

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@Robert18 a very smart idea you have shared, thanks a lot for all the details provided!

Although I cannot say that such a widget sounds like an easy solution, I hope our devs will consider it in the future.

I also must mention that votes do make a difference, so if this requests becomes popular, it will increase the odds of the development :slight_smile:

Many thanks for helping us and welcome to the Elfsight Community! :tada: