Interlink Form fields with other widgets

It would be great if each field could have a “link to” option, where inserting the widget name/field would connect the data to the second widget. It is just kludgy that I can build a form, have data submitted, but then have to transfer that data manually to another Elfsight widget.

For example, we use Team Showcase to display info about member artists, including one photo of their work, based on an online form created in Form Builder. What comes to us is the form info, including a link to the photo that was submitted. Right now, we have to download the photo, put it on our desktop, then use that to add to the Team Showcase form. That seems really kludgy. You already have it stored; why do we have to download and store it again?

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Great idea, @AnnaS, I’ve shared it with the devs already! Hopefully, we’ll be able to think in this direction in the future :slight_smile: