Instagram Shoppable Content

Do any of the apps include Instagram Shoppable content? and is it clickable?

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I’m afraid we don’t support Shoppable feature at the moment, but we’ve got such a request in our Wishlist.

Feel free to vote for it to always receive the updates! Here’s the link: Shoppable Instagram Feed (Clickable Links)

Thanks. Considering it has been requested for 2 years and most app at this subscription value has it I thought it would. It has left me on the border :frowning:

@Mia I totally understand your frustration, and I’m so very sorry that this option is not available yet :frowning:

You know, we have a workaround which perhaps will work for you, this is a Call to Action button. You could set this button on particular posts to direct the users to the needed page.

You will find this option on your widget Post tab → Call to Action Buttons:

Feel free to contact me back should any questions come up :raised_hands:t2:

thanks let me have a loo into that

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