Import events from an existing Google Calendar

Hi there, new to the forum / product. Hunting for a solution because Styled Calendar can’t seem to keep connected to my calendar and isn’t updating.

Any insight as to whether we’re looking at days or weeks or months for this feature? Really appreciate a little info to help me figure out my next steps on this project.


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Many thanks for your interest, @ALB13, and welcome to the community!

Although we’ve started working on the Import feature, I’m afraid it’s going to take some time. It’s difficult to set an ETA, but I wouldn’t expect this release in the next few months :disappointed:

As usual, we’ll do our best, and all updates will be posted in this thread :blush:

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Is it posable to sync our existing google calendar to our Elfsight Calendar saving us having to manually entering all the data across

Thank you! :blush:

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Greetings and welcome aboard @sue_col_bard :wave:

Many thanks for the feedback!

Happy to say that our devs are currently working on this feature. I’ve moved your comment to a thread where we’ll keep you updated :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for this Max



do we have an ETA when it will be implemented, or a beta testing so at least people can provide a proper feedback and improve the actual feature


Hey there @Norton :wave:

Our devs are actively working on this functionality, but it’s hard to provide the ETA at the moment. Once anything comes up, I’ll promptly update you here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a bunch for your interest and help!

Ideally, import or export events in both directions: from Google agenda to widgets and from widgets to Google agenda via an easy interface or link

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Thanks for your vague response @Max, but it had been 4 years since you guys being working on this project, and we don’t see any progress, we don’t see any beta testing, so we can provide factual feedback, no asking vague questions of non existent features that are NOT important, when the main feature requested still missing.


Hi @Norton, I’m really sorry to hear that our updates have been frustrating, I do understand your feelings.

You’re right that this feature has been in development longer than we initially anticipated, and that’s been frustrating for us as well. However, I assure you that our dev team are working on this request as we speak, and chances are we’ll see this feature rolled out in a month or two. Unfortunately, I can’t promise there won’t be any technical issues that might extend the timeline (this is why we avoid giving strict ETAs). But we’ll try our best to meet this deadline.

As Max mentioned, we’ll update you here as soon as we have any news from our devs. Thank you for the interest in this request and for your patience!

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Would love a Google Calendar Feed that will populate with large dates and title of event, followed by supporting info.

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Greetings @user13467 and welcome to the Community :wave:

The good news is that currently we are working on the opportunity to import events from the Google Calendar. I guess this functionality should cover your use case.

I’ve moved your comment to the related thread, where we’ll keep you updated :slightly_smiling_face:

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