[IDEAS] Improvements for Affiliate Program


I want to suggest a few ideas to improve the affiliate program. Let me know what you’d think about my suggestions! :slight_smile:

  1. Pass sub-IDs to paid transactions - Currently, sub-id records are available on free registration records only.
  2. Separate conversions into categories (ex: Signup, Payment, Recurring) - Olga said they intend to work on this.
  3. Trim affiliate IDs from URLs (Not sure if it’s possible) - Our target audience is tech-savvy, and some are hesitant to sign up through affiliate links. I suggest removing tracking parameters from the URL once the user lands.
  4. Landing pages and creatives - Targeted landing pages for special events such as BF/CM focused on increased conversions and creatives such as banners.
  5. Add the support for sub-ID tracking for widget builder and widgets catalog

Thank you,

Hey Chamal!

Thanks for your suggestions to improve our affiliate program. It’s awesome that you’re thinking about how we can make it even better!

  1. I love your idea of passing sub-IDs to paid transactions, I’ll learn how to set up this on Affise, and come back with an update and instructions.

  2. Yep, we’re already working on separating these types of conversions. I hope soon we’ll see them in your statistics. :slight_smile:

  3. As for trimming affiliate IDs from URLs, I’m not sure if we can do that, but it’s definitely worth looking into it and find workarounds at the very least.

  4. After we set up our new system, we’ll start working on creating some creatives and landing pages for you. :+1: However, we’ll need your help with this part. Can you share some examples and URLs of ones you’ve used before? That way, we can see how you’re using them and make sure ours are optimized to suit your needs and convert better.

  5. Firstly, we need to fix the tracking for widget-builders and catalogs. :sweat_smile: And, our engineers are already working on this. It’s a solid idea to add sub-ID tracking for widget builder and widgets catalog, however, I’m not sure if we can do this. Again, I’ll pass that along to our developers.

Thanks again for your feedback, Chamal! :heavy_heart_exclamation: It means a lot to us, and we’re excited to check the things for you and make these changes happen.