Enhanced Tracking for Conversions: Sub-Ids, Geo and devices📊🚀

Hey, folks!

We’ve just released a feature you’ve been waiting for - Tracking geo, devices, and sub-ids parameters for “Payment” and “Recurring Payment” conversions.

:chart_with_upwards_trend::sparkles: Take control over your affiliate performance:

  • Analyze widget popularity by adding sub-ids to your links.
  • Evaluate content performance with keywords like “google-review-video,” “instashow-article,” and more.
  • Discover top regions and devices through geo, device, and OS tracking.

Learn more in the article - How to track which link converts better? (Adding Sub-Ids) - Affiliate Help Center

Now, you can fine-tune your strategies and boost your earnings like never before! :moneybag::muscle:

P.S.: Many thanks to @Chamal and @user895 (Steven Braun) for their insights and for bringing this feature to our attention. :clap:

Keep referring, and let’s grow together! :rocket: