How to temporarily inactivate widget

I remember reading there is now a way to inactivate a widget from the control panel, without just deleting it. Can you remind me what that is? Or is it because I am on the old interface that I don’t see it.

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Hi @Hugh :wave:

Sure! Recently, we’ve added a Hide option, but it’s available only on a new dashboard. You can find more info here - New Article: Hide widgets.

However, there is another way to hide the widget from the website that is suitable for your case. You can comment out the installation code. If you’ve added the widget’s code to multiple pages, you can exclude it from specific ones by adding <!-- before and --> after the code.

For more detailed instructions, check out our article: Hiding a widget - Elfsight Help Center.

Thanks. I ended up copying the widget then deleting the original from my dashboard. Easier than editing my website.

Will the new dashboard ever be made available to your faithful appsumo subscribers?


Hi Hugh, I’m happy to say that we’ve already started the first stage of migrating our Appsumo clients to the new dashboard! We have approximately 2600 Appsumo users, and our daily target is to process around 100 users. But I’ve asked our devs to handle your account out of turn :slight_smile:

Once we’re done with the first stage, Appsumo accounts will be ready for migration to the new Dashboard. Hopefully, your account will be among the first :slight_smile:

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@Helga Thank you for thinking of me! But honestly I’d rather wait a bit until all the bugs get worked out first :slight_smile:

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Absolutely, Hugh, this is our top priority as usual :slight_smile:

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