How Can I embed a widget in my website

Hey I just made something to put in my calendar and it seems like it doesn’t work. How can I embed the link in my website page ?

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Hey there @user12068 :wave:

I’ve checked your account (C*** and see that you have only a Pricing Table widget.

Could you please share a link to the page where you’ve tried to install your Event Calendar widget? I’ll be happy to look into this for you :slightly_smiling_face:

yess I have been trying tot embed it to my square space website that I am making !

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Got you!

We have a tutorial explaining how to install widgets to Squarespace websites. Feel free to check it out - Adding Elfsight widget to Squarespace website - Elfsight Help Center.

However, if you are still experiencing difficulties, please request the installation right in the dashboard. Our Support Team will be happy to assist :wink:

I feel like I did all that ! How can the costumer can help me with that ?

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they said it cannot read the link that it doesn’t work with square space … I would be very happy to get some help with this !

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Could you please share a screenshot of the issue?

no I can’t …

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In this case, to check things and find out what’s going on, we need temporary access to your website’s backend.

I’ve contacted you directly at your email address sharing the info on providing access.

Please check your inbox :slightly_smiling_face: