Hotel Rate comparison

Hi there, i have a rental apartment for holidays and i was wondering if there is a widget to implement in my website to comare the different rates on differents otas/booking portals.

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Hey there @Anna_Maria :wave:

We have a Pricing Table that may suit your case. Feel free to check it out :wink:

However, if it’s not what you are looking for, please describe your idea in more detail and we’ll gladly check things for you!


I saw it but i was looking for something like, pricing comparison between airbnb and my website to show my guest that its cheaper on the website

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Hi @Anna_Maria :wave:

Do you mean an app similar to this but only for, Airbnb and your website? If it’s not, could you please share an example of the app with similar functionality?

Should be like this

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Got it, thanks!

I agree that this app would be a great addition to our app catalog. If this request gains more votes, we’ll try to consider this app in our future enhancements.

I’ll keep you posted here in case of any news :slightly_smiling_face: