Hide image option

i’m looking for an widget that only shows the posts of an organisation as text with links as a simple list without images and username. We would only share the our posts on the organisation website?

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Hey @user3729

We are incredibly happy to meet you here! Welcome to Community :heart:

I’d like to say that there is a way to hide the username:

As for the option to hide the image, we agree that this setting would be really helpful and we’ll try to include it in our roadmap.

A huge thank you for sharing your feedback :heart:

oh sorry I missed that. thanks. Is it allowed to hide the image by CSS ?

I’ll check things with our devs and get back to you a bit later!

Please add this CSS code to the Custom CSS field and let me know if you like what you see:

[class*="CardMediaBlock__MediaBlock"] {
  display: none;

[class*="CardContainer"] {
  padding-bottom: 12px;

[class*="CardUserBlock__UserBlock"] {
  padding-top: 0 !important;

Could you please also specify whether you’d like an option to remove just usual images from the post or link preview images?

thanks for your response … id did it just with display none for img in general for your container.
But maybe it helps others too who don’t want to have the image

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Do I understand correctly that you’d like to hide only link preview images?

thats all I need, only the post text …
… with an post date above would be great but this is another topic :wink: