Hi I'm new here I'm using the calendar widget

I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find out how to add or modify the existing location

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Happy to see you in our ranks @user11036 :wave:

You can add a new location or modify existing ones on the Venues section on the Content tab of your widget’s settings:


Please let me know if it helped or if any further questions come up :slightly_smiling_face:

Is that helped thanks is it possible to synchronize a Google Calendar into the calendar widget?

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Currently, this option isn’t available, but our devs are working on it.

You can vote for this feature to not miss any important updates - Import events from an existing Google Calendar - #46 by user4093

Okay I voted for it the other thing I wanted to know is there’s a heading saying Los Angeles events but I can’t see where to change that I am sure it’s easy but I just can’t find it

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I’ve checked your widget and it seems that you’ve already found an option to change the heading.

Could you please confirm if everything is fine now?

Yes, it is working. Thanks

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No sweat :wink:

If anything else comes up, we are here to help!