Google Reviews NOT displaying on desktop

My Google Reviews seem to still be linking to mobil versions of my website, but are NOT displaying on desktop browsers. Appears as blank space.

Its a squarespace page.

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It shows fine on my end (Windows/Chrome)

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When I get to my destination I will check w my PC again. Any idea why it might not display correctly for me? Wondering if other viewers would have issues?

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Hi @user3536 :wave:

I’ve checked your website and everything is fine on my end as well:

It’s hard to guess the reason for the issue as it’s not displayed at the moment.

However, if it still persists on your side, please send me a screenshot of what you see. I’ll be delighted to check things for you :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using Edge browser. Cleared the cache and still not displaying.

On my side, the widget is displayed using Edge browser:

Please check your website in incognito mode and let me know if it helped.

If the issue still persists, please specify the version of your browser and send me a screenshot of the Developer Console.