Google Calendar integration for the Event Calendar

Dear Helga,
Could you please guide me to find out the Google Agenda widget and also let me know if this widget can work in both directions, I mean if I create an event in Elfsigh Event calendar, this event will be synchronized (copied) in Google Agenda?
Many thanks for your help.

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Hi there @MICHEL_A3A :wave:

If I got you right, you are looking for the Google Calendar integration for your Event Calendar widget.

Currently, it’s not available, but we are working on the opportunity to import events from the Google Calendar. Hopefully, this feature will be available in 1–2 months. We’ll keep you updated here - Import events from an existing Google Calendar.

Regarding syncing your widget with the Google Calendar, we have such a request too. You can keep an eye on here - Auto-Sync events with existing Google/Apple/Microsoft Calendars

Please let me know if this explains things or if you have any further questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max
Our association creates event inside Events Calendar Elfsight widget and this is perfect, we can insert picture, venues and description, …

This would be perfect if, each time we add a new event in Elfsigh, this event is automatically copied inside personal agenda of ours members, in Google agenda, Microsoft agenda, …
Of course inside personal agenda of whom they have decided to sync :wink:

Hope my explanation is clear.
Kind regards

Visitez notre site :

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@MICHEL_A3A Yeah, I see this!

As I’ve mentioned before, we already have a request for this functionality - Auto-Sync events with existing Google/Apple/Microsoft Calendars.

We’ll try to consider it in the future and all the updates will be posted in the Wishlist thread :slightly_smiling_face: