Google Analytics on feed

We are planning to use the Elfsight Ticktok feed widget on L2 pages hosted as a static website. I would like to track the user engagement on it.

I’d love to see Elfsight add some basic analytics such as:

  • Impressions - How many cards in the widget loaded/been seen?
  • Scroll - How many times user has scrolled on the page?
  • Clicks on more - How many times has the user clicked view more cards?
  • Click on cards- What all cards did user click to view?
  • session depth - how long did the user stay on the page?

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Hi @user9601 :wave:

Thank you for adding your idea to the Wishlist!

Unfortunately, at the moment, we can help you only with tracking clicks on View More button.

As for the other statistics, unfortunately, there is no way to track it. I am really sorry! We’ll try our best to consider it for the widget future updates. We’ll keep you in the loop here :slightly_smiling_face:

Please let me know if you’d like to get the code for tracking the clicks on View More button and I’ll forward your request to our devs.