Forms, Popup, Banner: Hiding labels of the form fields now possible

Hi guys :wave:

Just an awesome update from our dev team :rocket: We’ve added Show Label setting to our Forms (Form Builder, Contact Form, Subscription Form), Popup and Banner widgets. This setting gives you an option to hide the labels of individual form fields.

In Forms widgets, you can find this option by following these steps:

  1. Choose Build Form tab and click on the needed field:

  1. Disable Show Label button:

In Popup and Banner widgets, you need to follow this way:

  1. Click on Add Block button in the Builder tab:

  1. Choose Form:

  1. Click on the needed field and disable Show Label button:

We rely on your feedback regarding this feature. This will encourage us to scale new heights :mountain: and make our customers the happiest people in the world :heart: