Forms: Custom JS, improved caption + 2 more updates ⚡

A bunch of awesome updates have been made in our Forms :rocket:

Let’s look at what has been done:

1. Custom JS with the option to customize actions after successful form submissions

Now, you can easily incorporate your own logic and monitor form submission events.
widget.on('submit', () => { /*Your logic upon successful form submission*/ });

2. The caption on the Pre-filled form page was updated

The feature idea and instructions are more clear and informative now.

This feature make form filling quicker and easier for your clients. Check the article to find more detail :slightly_smiling_face:

3. Padding issue on Inside fields was resolved

Padding is now adjusted accurately based on the field’s font size, ensuring improved consistency and appearance.

4. A sentry system implementation

This change was implemented to enhance the stability and performance of your widgets by quickly detecting and monitoring form errors.