Forms: Add a captivating Cover Image to your form header

Dear friends,

We are happy to present one more cool update from our dev team :zap:

Now you can add images (cover image, logo) to the form header in the Subscription Form, Contact Form and Form Builder widgets:

The Alignment setting has now moved from the Appearance → Header tab to Build Form → Header:

Please feel free to share your thoughts regarding our updates. Your feedback is crucial for us :heart:


@Max that’s very cool! I wish the next update to be bulk upload for dropdown fields :grinning:

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@Giorgos Wow! Sounds interesting :thinking:

Could you please share your idea in our Wishlist in this category?

It would be tremendously helpful!



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Nice idea and nicely done! Thanks. :pray:t2:

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback :heart:

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