Forms: Image choice is available now!

Guys, our amazing dev team has added Image Choice element to Contact Form and Form Builder :rocket:


Thats a great option! :rocket:


That’s wonderful to know that you like a new feature!

A huge thank you for sharing your feedback with us :heart:

Please explain why someone would use this. Thanks.

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Hi @Hugh

Sometimes, it’s a whole lot easier for customers to see exactly what they’re getting rather than just reading about it.

For instance, let’s say you run a furniture business. You could add photos of your furniture to the Form widget. This way, customers can visualize and choose different design options for a particular piece.

Great, now just add a PayPal button and call it a day :wink:

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Hi @Lesan :wave:

Many thanks for your kind feedback!

I agree that the Paypal integration to our Forms would be a great feature. We already have such a request, and you can vote for this to keep up with the latest updates :slightly_smiling_face: