Forms: Changes in file upload logic + 2 bugfixes

Guys, our devs have released several important updates for our Forms. So, let’s look at what has been done :eyes:

File upload logic

Previously, files could be uploaded only when the Submit button was clicked.

Now, they are uploaded immediately after being added to the form.

This allows users to better understand the status of file uploads and see exactly which files will be sent. Also, the Submit/Next button is temporarily disabled until the files are uploaded.

File deleting issue is fixed

Previously, there was an issue where deleting files after the 5th file could not be accomplished until the first 5 files were deleted.

Now, all files can be deleted without any specific order restrictions.

Required Field setting is fixed too

Previously, an empty field error was not always reset when changing widget settings. This means that even if the user disabled the Required Field option after testing it, the error message would still persist, preventing the Submit button from being clicked.

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