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I would love to see a widget that would allow an embed for a cloud based file storage, so I can publicly share a folder from OneDrive, DropBox, etc, then embed the link to that folder so people visiting my website can access the content of that folder directly.

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Hey there @Central_Baptist_Chur :wave:

Great suggestion, thanks for sharing! Let’s see if other users support this idea and, perhaps, it might take to our list.:

By the way, we have a File Embed app which allows you to display different files right on your website. Feel free to check it out :wink:

Thanks Max, I did check that out but I am trying to do something a little more dynamic than what that functionality offers. With the File Embed, we have to log into elfsight to add/edit/replace the content that appears in the widget, which is no problem for some of our more IT savvy folks, but we want to streamline our process to allow other folks to contribute as well, and the drag/drop functionality provided in the various cloud based storage options (we use one drive here) is perfect for our current workflow. You can see what we currently do here: and I would love to get involved in a development phase with you if you need someone to test, I would be glad to help out!

We love the widget functionality you guys provide with the forms, and event calendars and are already using those on our website! Feel free to check out our whole site to see them in action, we just got done with a form that helped us organize our summer vacation bible school!

Thanks for all of your help!


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Hi @Central_Baptist_Chur :wave:

We are so happy that you’re enjoying our apps! Thanks a ton for your awesome feedback :heart:

I’ve checked your website, and it looks great. However, I noticed that the images in your Event Calendar are getting cropped a bit. I’ve asked our dev team for a fix and will get back to you tomorrow with a solution :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the Folder widget, I understand your idea and appreciate your example. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to release this app in the near future, as we’re focusing on higher-priority requests.

However, if more users support your idea, we’ll consider it in the future. We’ll keep you updated!

@Central_Baptist_Chur This code should fix the issue with the issue with the cropping images:

.eapp-events-calendar-media-image {
  object-fit: fill;

Just add it to the Custom CSS field on the Appearance tab of your widget’s settings and let me know if it worked :wink:

Thanks Max that is awesome! It looks like it works, we only have one event now but when I add some more I will check it out to verify! Thanks so much for the proactive help, it is appreciated!

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Great! You are always welcome :wink: