Fix the mobile responding of the restaurant menu

The responding mobile version is awful. I cannot have the entire menu. Some of my menu’s section are crop. Also, it could be great, that as the custumers click on the section, it automatically scrolls down to the appropriate section. Now, if I click on a section, nothing happen. Thanks,

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@Complexe_Evasion I am really sorry about mobile responding issue!

I’ll talk to our devs and check if anything can be done. I’ll keep you in the loop :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is the example…


Thank you for waiting!

Our devs have tried to check your webpage but it’s not working now:

If you could restore it, our devs would be happy to investigate the issue for you.

As for the scrolling down after clicking on the section name, unfortunately, there is no opportunity to customize the widget this way.

However, that’s a really cool idea and I’ve added it to our Wishlist. We’ll keep you in the loop here - Redirect to the appropriate section after clicking on its name on mobile