Filter before limiting to 100 reviews

I talked to support about this.

I used the ‘include words’ filter on a batch over over 2500 reviews, and it resultated in only 2 reviews while there are many more reviews that meet the criteria.

Then support explained the widget only captures the last 100 reviews and applies the filter to them, resulting in less then 100 reviews being shown.

It would make more sense to apply the filter first and then limit the result to 100.

Note: I tried to use this workaround to find get reviews in a specific language. The same would be true if you use the filter to find reviews for a specific product.


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Hello JP and thanks for this idea!

It does sound reasonable, and our dev team will try to look into this request to see what options we have.

Thanks a lot!

Have you found the solution yet for loading more than the first 100 reviews to allow for better filtering?

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@user2632 I’m afraid not yet, I’m really sorry about this :frowning:

But I’ve moved your comment to our wishlist where I’ll post updates on this request.

Thanks a lot for helping us with your comments and suggestions!

Wondering if this is something that’s in progress still, it kind of kills the filter function if it only looks at the top 100 reviews.

Our use case is for the following examples:

  • Create a widget that shows the last 100 reviews that mention any words related to delivery (ie. shipping, delivery, postage, dispatch, despatch, shipped etc…) and include that widget on our delivery information page
  • As above, but related to keywords about staff, and display that widget on our ‘contact us’ page
  • As above, but words related to an gift related celebration (birthday, Christmas etc) and put it on an appropriate landing page (gift ideas)
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I see your point, @Andrew_Cattarin, the description of your use cases was very helpful!

I’m afraid we still don’t have any solution for expanding the limit at the moment, unfortunately. But I understand how beneficial it would be so I really hope our devs will give it a thought.

I’ll keep you updated on any changes here :slight_smile:

Many thanks for helping us!

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we’d like to have this too. thanks!