Fetch reviews from reviews.io and reviews.co.uk

Great they pull reviews from so many sources, but how about reviews.io

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Please include reviews from reviews.io. We need to be able to bring together reviews from the app stores and reviews.io

Would love to see reviews.io added to the All in One Reviews widget.

#bringiton #please

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Hi @Jacki_Ames :wave:

You see, since we get a lot of requests and the process of adding new reviews sources is not easy, we have to be picky and choose the most popular requests first.

If this source gets a lot of votes, we’ll gladly consider it implementation!

Thank you so much for your feedback and welcome to Community :wink:

My company gets a lot of reviews in a platform called reviews.io and an integration with them would be great!


Hello @Eddie_Martinez :wave:

We already have such a request in the Wishlist and I’ve added your comment there too. We’ll keep you posted in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

As a workaround, you can use a Custom Source option and add the needed reviews manually. Feel free to check it out: