Feature to open camera/scan

Feature to utilize camera in phone to scan barcode and enter in into search field.

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@Saif thanks a lot for joining our community!

I’m afraid I didn’t quit get your idea about the feature you described - could you please specify which app from our catalog this feature is supposed to be for? Or maybe it’s going to be a completely new app?

Any details will be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello @Helga thanks for the quick reply.

I think this would fall under e-commerce. The app I intersted in is the following:

A button where if you click, the camera of your smartphone opens up and you are able to scan the barcode of a product and it returns the search value (the barcode) into a search field. You can then hit search and it would return the products that are tagged with that number in the site.
It would need to be placed on the search bar of any e-commerce site. An example is the below URL. I have also attached a screenshot of the feature.

Oh, many thanks for all the info and the example, Saif!

Now I got your point :slight_smile: Although I cannot promise that such a widget will be released soon, we’ll try to consider your suggestion in the future. I’ll make sure to keep you updated in case of any changes in status.

A huge thank you for your help! And don’t hesitate to share your other ideas or ask questions, we’re always here for you :slight_smile: