Feature Discussion: What statistics/data would you like to add to the Elfsight Affiliate program?

Hello Elfsighters! :raised_hands:

We’d be really happy to discuss with you if we need to add more detailed statistics to our in-house affiliate program. If so, please let us know:

  • What data/conversion details do you need for your promotional campaign? Please specify all the analytics parameters you’d like to see in the affiliate dashboard or in reports.

  • What kind of integration would be preferable for you - API, postback s2s, tracking pixel, or any other variant? And why?

  • Give an example of the tracking integration/reports used by other affiliate programs. What do you like the most about them?

:question: Please share your thoughts on the topic to help us enhance the affiliate program functionality and develop a great feature for you. Your ideas really matter to us! :wink:


I would like to get more insights into my campaign performances. For example, the ability to use custom tracking IDs and see which plan(s) my customers were subscribed to so I can optimize campaigns. Currently, there is not a way knowing which product and plan sold higher.


For me, it would be great if we had the following:
An affiliate link that consists of the following:

https:// elfsight. com/?ref=XXXXX/COUPONCODE/UNIQUEID

The coupon code should then be automatically used at checkout.
The unique ID should be used to track:

  • how many times this link is clicked
  • how many people have signed up through it
  • how much you have earned through it
  • which plan or widget was purchased through it

That would be a game changer and we could do some much better with the data :blush: