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Hi, new here, so sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I am considering to use the FAQ widget for my website. I however was wondering if that would be a good choice considering SEO and schema markup. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for my website if I’d create a FAQ section right on the site rather then calling a script? Hope this makes sense…

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Hi @DaniBali, happy to welcome you on our Forum, and thanks a lot for such an interesting question!

I’m happy to say that there is no difference in terms of SEO: you’re welcome to choose either a ready-made widget, or build one from scratch on your own.

To help you understand things better, I’ll try to describe the benefits of both cases.

Elfsight FAQ app:

  • fully indexed by Google
  • lazy loading option to keep the page loading speed and page performance
  • FAQ schema markup – Google reads and shows it in search result perfectly fine
  • ready-made templates, cool design, a ton of features, regular updates, free support

FAQ section built manually

  • deep customization – you can make it look and work just the way you need via customization
  • an option to use JSON schema markup if needed (we don’t support this at the moment)

If you’ve got any other questions regarding our app, I’ll be more than happy to help :slight_smile:

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Hi Helga, thank you very much for that detailed explanation! Very much appreciated :pray:

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I’m always delighted to help! :heart_eyes:

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