Do I get any SEO benefit from your widgets? If so how much and how?

New customer to elfsight. Plan on using event calendar, google reviews and youtube gallery on my new website design.

Question. Do I get any SEO benefit at all from using your widgets especially since they don’t reside on my website but on your servers? Will probably still use your widgets but if they do not help much with SEO on my website I need to know that so I can include more keywords, think thru my web page layout before including a elfsight widget. I have read that widgets sometimes benefit SEO for the service more than the customer using the widget. Please advise.


Hi @Michael40! We are so glad to see you here. Welcome to Community :heart:

Our widgets are SEO-friendly. Search engines such as Google have been rendering and indexing client JavaScript for a long time and all the data from our widgets is seen by them. So you should be ok.

If you inspect the code of our widgets, you can find all the text there, they don’t function as a stream of images or other content.

Please let me know if you have any other questions left. I’ll be more than happy to advise :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK so to be clear the content, listings on the widget calendar that I create via my Elfsight account benefit my website SEO even though they are created using your tool? Reason I am asking as I have seen articles/info online that stated that many widgets benefit the developer’s traffic more so than the customer creating the widget using a company like Elfsight’s tool.

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Hi @Michael40!

I’ll discuss this point with our devs and get back to you once I receive any updates.

Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Michael40 :wave:

I’ve discussed this question with our team. Our widgets don’t benefit SEO for our Service. When the widget is installed on the website, benefits will go to the website owner.

For example, you are using Google Reviews widget that has Schema Markup. Schema Markup displays your rating in SERP, so it’s beneficial for your website but not for our service.

I hope this explains things.

If you have any other questions left, please feel free to contact us :slightly_smiling_face:

Appreciate the insight Max. I’ll move on full throttle building out some of your widgets. Thanks again! - Michael

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It’s my pleasure!

Hey Max, question - if I gave michael above an embedded code to my widget - like the one on this site - . Does it serve like a backlink telling google “a link to your site is on michaels blog”

The button in the widget content leads to my site. But I know there is no mention of my site in the embed code. We are planning to put this on our affilaites sites and want to know if I should sell them on putting an actual link in their footer or your widget can get read by google

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Hi @dillonandrew :wave:

I am sorry, but the link in the widget button isn’t counted as a backlink and it can’t be read by Google.

Please let me know if this explains things or if you have any further questions :slightly_smiling_face: