Facebook reviews aren't opening on mobile/app


I have the Facebook reviews widget which works perfectly on desktop (thank you!) but not on mobile as it doesn’t link to the review page/tab… because there isn’t one. Since FB decided to change their Classic Page to their “New Page Experience” they have taken away reviews being a tab so there is nothing for the widget to direct to. What can be done here?

Many thanks!

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Hi @Jadeeleanor! Happy to see you here. Welcome to Community :tada:

Facebook has made some changes to the mobile display of New Experience pages:

Now, the reviews pages are only available in the mobile Facebook app and if you’re trying to open the page from your mobile browser, Facebook will redirect you to a page with an error.

Unfortunately, since this is a Facebook restriction, there’s nothing we can do on the side of the widget at the moment, please accept my apologies for this :pensive:

I’d like to tell you that we already have a request to make the button work on mobile on our Wishlist. Please vote for this feature to get a notification upon its release.

Feel free to leave a comment there or any insights you have as it helps us improve our apps :slightly_smiling_face: