Facebook page not collecting reviews

This page is not collecting reviews. Everything is set to public but the reviews do not appear in the widget. It has been left for 48 hours.

Hi @Melissa_Hamby and welcome to Community!

I see that my colleague Ksenia has already contacted you in the support ticket.

As Ksenia mentioned, there seems to be some privacy restrictions as the page with the reviews in not accessible in the Incognito Mode, meaning that it cannot be viewed by the users who are not logged in.

If you are certain that everything is set to public, please provide Ksenia with the screenshots of your Privacy, Page and Tagging and Public Posts tab in the Privacy Settings.

Here’s what they look like:

  • Privacy page

(image llink)

  • Page and Tagging

(image link)

  • Public Posts page

(image link)

On the Public posts page, the Country and Age restrictions are placed at the very bottom, and to see your actual settings you will have to click the blue “Edit” button.