Exemplary customer support

We have been using Elfsight for a couple of years now exclusively with Webflow websites.
When building complicated sites with advanced features, animations, etc, having the option to top up the experience with very useful widgets, –which are sooo simple to customise!– fast and brand-aligned, feels both exciting and a great relief!

Even though there have been a few –minor– bugs here and there, it only took a message via chat to inform customer support and within 24 hours max, we always heard back and the issue was resolved.
If you are looking for a professional, constantly evolving, reliable and friendly team…you might want to give Elfsight a try. :wink:

The most appreciated widget for us has been the form widget; notably the level of customisation and control it offers.

Keep up the great work! :+1:

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Hey there @user9022 :wave:

It’s really great to see you on our Forum, I hope you’ll find this space useful!

We’re stoked to be part of your Webflow journey and bring our widgets to your website. Thanks a bunch for the awesome shout-out!

We wish you just a great user experience, and we’re always here for you should any questions or difficulties come up :wink:

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