Event start time doesn't convert backwards if the event is on the next day

Right now the calendar shows the dates in your time zone. Which works when the start time is on the same day. However if the start time is on the next day, let’s say for instance 6/2/ 1am in Berlin, it wouldn’t show 6/1/ 8pm in New York. It just shows 6/2/ 1am for all time zones that are behind the time zone that set the event.

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Thank you for submitting this idea!

What we’d love to say is that our Event Calendar widget now supports timezones and the dates should be displayed fine for each part of the world.

If it’s still an issue for you, please contact our Support Team (Elfsight Help Center) and provide a link to the page with the widget in question - they will be happy to check things and provide the best solution.

Thank you!