Event Calendar - Weekly Schedule

I have an internet radio website and would like to use the Event Calendar to show weekly programmes.
Not connected to date, but only to day of the week.
For example
Show 1 - 8am-10am
Show 2 - 12pm-3pm
Is possible using Event Calendar Widget?

Hello @user567 and we are happy to see you at Elfsight Community! Welcome :wave:!

Firstly, I am sorry for the long time response! Thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t supported by our app! However, there is a workaround for this use case.

You need to choose the Content tab of your widget’s settings, click on the Event and use days of the week in the Repeat Period setting:

Please keep in mind, that the Repeat Period lasts only for 1 month. When the month expires, you’ll have to reset all the dates manually.

I’d like to bring you my sincere apologies for the inconvenience it can cause to you, but, unfortunately, it’s the only option :pensive:.

Please let me know if it explains things or if you have any other questions.