Event Calendar: Set the font to your preference

We’re excited to announce that Event Calendar now allows you to select your preferred font right from the widget editor:


Great, thanks! Noticed “Apply from website” option doesn’t seem to work for me. Possible to add Poppins to list of available fonts pls? There’s no single-story geometric fonts available (Except Comfortaa, which is way to charismatic to be readable). It’s a Google font. Thank you!

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Hi @Way :wave:

You have Apple System font on your website as well, that’s why it was applied to your widget.

However, I’ve added this code to the Custom CSS field and everything seems to be fine now:

font-family: Poppins, sans-serif;

Could you please check your website and let me know if it’s fine?

Also, I’ve added your idea regarding adding Poppins to the font list to our Wishlist. You can vote for this feature to keep up with all the latest updates :slightly_smiling_face:

:sunglasses: :+1: This is very cool!

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