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Mobile view presents a horizontal scrollbar which is redundant. No matter how much I adjust the size of the container in mobile view edit within Wix it will not disappear. Vertical scrollbar does disappear on desktop view.

You allow a switch between views when creating widget, but don’t allow size adjustment for each view with the ‘width’ size. Makes no sense to have just one size for all. Or have I misunderstood.

Is there any code available for me to add to custom CSS to remove the horizontal scrollbar? I’m not a dev so writing this is beyond my skillset.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @Joanna, so happy to welcome you on our forum! :hugs:

Thank you for the details, I’ll try my best to help you resolve this issue :slight_smile:

You see, the most possible reason for this behavior could be the informational panel of the widget. It means that you see this horizontal scroll only as a widget’s owner and it doesn’t appear for any of your website’s visitors.

Could you please check your widget on your website in a browser’s incognito mode and let me know if the issue still persists?

If the scroll is still there, please send me the link to your website, I’ll be happy to check things for you on my end :raised_hands:t2:

Hi Helga

Thanks for the info on the info panel. I don’t see it in full, I get the delights of the cut of view (as shown in your helpful link). After viewing in a viewport app (it’s easier for me) I can see a semblance of a scrollbar but it’s not obvious, so I’m happy to live with it for now. I doubt the users will be too bothered by it. Their barely into the 20th century let alone the 21st :joy:

Thank you


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Joanna, I’m happy that everything seems to be within normal, and I do believe the widget will serve you well :slight_smile:

But if any difficulties come up for you or for your clients, we’re always here to advise and help :hugs: